The Infiltrator Review


Spoilers may follow

The Infiltrator is based on the true story of special agent Robert Mazur, adapting Mazur’s autobiography of the same name. It features Mazur (Bryan Cranston) going undercover as a businessman called “Bob Musella”, infiltrating Pablo Escobar’s massive drug cartel and uncovering a money laundering scheme. This line of work, of course, is not without its risks.

The story The Infiltrator tells is an interesting one, but one of the biggest draws to the movie is definitely Bryan Cranston. He was fantastic as Walter White and Dalton Trumbo, and so too is he as the titular infiltrator. Mazur may be on the opposite side of the law from Walter White, but Cranston’s Mazur still carries the menace and passion of Walter. An especially memorable scene that shows Cranston still knows how to be scary involves, of all things, an anniversary cake. The film is worth seeing for that alone. He does show moments of vulnerability and regret and really sells them, showing how truly frightening this type of work is.

The other actors are mostly fine; John Leguizamo being a good example, playing off Cranston well as his partner Emir Ebreu. However, the only actor who is really that memorable is Cranston himself. Most of the other figures in this film are either forgettable or underutilised.

A slow pace can work for a film like this; it helps build up the tension and gives the audience more time to dwell in the sordid world of drugs and money laundering. The pacing of The Infiltrator does mean tension is built and we stay in the dark world Mazur invades longer, but it also means the film does drag sometimes, and its two hour runtime is felt.

The Infiltrator is an entertaining and enjoyable film, but it can be easy to get lost on the plot and the only thing you’ll likely come away remembering is the performance of the title character.


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