Don’t Breathe Review


Spoilers may follow

Rocky (Jane Levy), along with Alex (Dylan Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto), make money by breaking into people’s houses and stealing their goods. Hoping to get away from her squalid life and move to California with her sister, Rocky joins her two companions on another job: stealing money from a blind war veteran (Stephen Lang). As many precautions as they take, however, they were ill-prepared for how truly ruthless the Blind Man is. After Money is killed, Rocky and Alex have to find a way out of the Blind Man’s house.

The action of Don’t Breathe is confined mostly to a single building, and it asks us to care about the fates of burglars who are willing to urinate in the homes they invade. It does, however, make good use of its setting and its characters. The home the main characters are trying to escape is the appropriate setting for a story such as this; dingy and claustrophobic, and while there are places to hide, they won’t do you good for long. One truly believes it to be the domain of The Blind Man, one which he has total control over.

Although the main characters are criminals who fully intend to rob a blind man’s house, one really does want to see them get out of this. It is obvious from the start that Rocky is destined to be our “final girl”, but there is a good amount of tension about whether or not she’ll escape, especially when you find out what The Blind Man has planned for her (which you might find a little too disgusting, really). Though the game of cat-and-mouse (or cat-with-dog-and-mouse) does drag on a bit near the end (she escapes the house then gets taken back then escapes again), it is still mostly tense and exciting to watch.

Don’t Breathe is a thrilling little horror flick, worth watching if you want to get into the Halloween spirit a little early.


Author: jabberw

A writer of short stories and reviews, who likes to dabble in other creative media as well.

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